Most people will only see your headline.

That’s because your headline is competing with a billion other headlines, images, videos, audio clips, flash intros, and more mind-numbingly abundant calls upon a reader’s attention.

Your headline needs to reach through the screen, grab the reader’s hand, and pull him or her back into the smorgasbord of an article you have waiting.

But how do you know how good great your headline is? The folks at Author Media recently highlighted a neat little tool to measure your headline’s emotional content. It’s called the Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer, and it’s freely available courtesty of the Advanced Marketing Institute.

The Headline Analyzer will give you a percentage score based upon the emotional impact potential of the words in your headline. It will also give you a sense of whether your headline is “Intellectual,” “Empathetic,” “Spiritual,” or some combination thereof.

No software can replace your human creativity and analysis, but the Headline Analyzer is a fun, free tool to help hone your killer headline-writing skills. (Oh, and it can also bring some humor into your day. Like when it classified our headline How to Compare Date Ranges in Google AdWords as being predominantly “spiritual”.)









Now go write some emotional headlines!