So you’ve worked hard to provide your customers with excellent products, services, and/or customer care and, because of that, you’ve racked up quite a few four- to five-star reviews complete with adoring commentary. You proudly display them on your website and rest easy knowing that anyone who’s searching for your reviews will find them.

But what about the ones who’ve never heard of you? You know, the ones who are merely searching for whatever it is you’re selling. How great would it be if they could see your ratings too, and use that information to drive their decision to choose you?

As luck would have it, we just had a guest blog posted on the Shopper Approved Insider that explains exactly how to make sure that everyone sees, and is more likely to be influenced by, your outstanding ratings.

Our blog delves into the use of Google Seller Ratings, which is “an automated ad extension that can appear within your text and Shopping ads on Google.”  Simply put, if you’re using Google Seller Ratings and you’ve got average ratings of 3.5 or better, those eye-catching gold stars are going to appear in your ads, as long as they meet all the criteria.

Speaking of criteria, Shopper Approved, the company that’s hosting our blog, is one of a select list of third-party ratings collection sources that Google trusts when indexing reviews. But to find out more about how Google makes its ratings determinations, as well as how Google Seller Ratings works, you’ll have to read our blog.

We’ll explain:


  • What Google Seller Ratings is.
  • How ratings work in Google text ads.
  • How ratings work in Google Shopping ads.
  • The benefits of displaying ratings in ads.
  • How to find out how many of your ratings are already indexed.
  • The reasons why Google may be ignoring your ratings.
  • How to monitor ad performance after implementing ratings.
  • The difference between ad ratings and Google Product Ratings.
  • How to use ratings to make money.


Of course, at StubGroup, we don’t just enjoy writing about this stuff; we like to talk about it too. If you have questions about Google Seller Ratings or anything at all Google-related, we’re here to help. Feel free to reach out any time or even schedule a Free Adwords Evaluation.