Friendly Tree Service in New Jersey offers a wide array of tree services, including tree removaltree pruning, and lightning protection . . . and all of it comes with a smile! When the company was presented with the challenge of finding new ways to reach customers, they came to StubGroup for help.

The challenge

In 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic in full effect, this New Jersey tree care provider had some of their biggest contracts pause indefinitely due to heightened safety restrictions and social distancing. They needed their PPC campaigns and online marketing to operate flawlessly so that they could continue to operate profitably as they streamlined operations.

The approach

By optimizing ad spend allocation and bidding, StubGroup was able to maximize impression share despite the fluctuating market. StubGroup sculpted search traffic in conjunction with an automated bidding strategy to target users ready to convert. Maintaining a finely tuned website and a steady content schedule for Friendly Tree allowed customers to proceed confidently.

The results

Despite the difficult economy that required Friendly Tree to adjust their approach to meet their customers’ needs safely, StubGroup increased lead volume YoY by more than 53% with a lower cost per lead. After over 5 years of working together with StubGroup, Friendly Tree was prepared to meet these challenges head-on, and still achieve new levels of excellence in their PPC campaigns.

  • +53%Leads
  • +30%Click-Through Rate
  • -7.5xCost Per Lead

“StubGroup has an excellent level of knowledge in the space. Strict high level of touch with very proactive keyword, ad, placement, bids etc. They have aided in reeling in Google Ads while maximizing our returns at all levels of our SEO and SEM endeavors, allowing us to add 7 figures to our bottom line very profitably.” ~ John Lang, Friendly Tree