Dive Right In Scuba has multiple physical locations as well as an online store. They needed to expand their online sales during Q4 via strategic PPC campaigns.

The challenge

With a large percentage of their sales typically occurring during the summer dive season, 2020’s pandemic closures offered significant challenges for Dive Right In Scuba’s retail locations and online store. They needed their online marketing to be operating at peak performance during Q4 of 2020 in order to make up for a challenging year.

The approach

By leveraging Google Ads Smart Shopping and Dynamic Search Ads campaigns we were able to ensure that their products were well represented in the search results, while targeting users most likely to convert.  We also dramatically increased spend on Facebook Ads: targeting purchase- ready users by utilizing lookalike audiences, and showing dynamic remarketing ads to shopping cart abandoners and product viewers.

The results

Despite the poor economy, we were able to increase their revenue while simultaneously decreasing ad spend, resulting in a dramatic 1,339% increase in profit year over year.  After nearly 3 years of working together with StubGroup, Dive Right In Scuba was able to see significant growth during Q4, positioning them well for continued growth in 2021 and beyond.

  • +1,339% Profit Increase YOY
  • +17%Revenue Increase YOY
  • -30%Spend Decrease YOY

“The best of the best!  Been here for years, and they get better with time where others always went downhill in time.” Mike Pedersen, Dive Right In Scuba