Growing Your Business Using PROFITABLE Pay-Per-Click Advertising w/ StubGroup CEO John Horn

Whether you’re new to digital marketing or just trying to stand up a new platform — StubGroup CEO John Horn talks with Dylan about the how-to approach that StubGroup takes to find the right outlet for your business and ad spend. He discusses the extensive FREE advertising evaluation that StubGroup offers to every potential client. Through a deep dive into keyword research, market trend, profitability, CPV, CPC and more, John explains why it’s so important to have context about a company before working with them in order to ensure that they’ll be successful after onboarding.

About the Podcast: Dylan Menter of The How-To Entrepreneur sits down with entrepreneurs and those responsible for scaling businesses behind the scenes. Those who have paved their own paths in life, and have built a business they are proud of. We do not exclusively interview millionaires — this is not what entrepreneurship is about. Entrepreneurship is about building something for yourself and creating a community around it. The guests we bring on come from all walks of life and all have distinct entrepreneurial journeys. Our podcast is a platform for listeners to hear real stories, real experiences, and real advice. This is T.H.E. Podcast.

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