StubGroup CEO John Horn recently sat down for a video interview with Jacques van der Wilt, Founder of DataFeedWatch, to discuss why it is vitally important for ecommerce companies to optimize how data is sent to each platform, how to send good data in the right format in in order to create ads that perform – and why doing so can even protect your business from sticky situations like bans or suspensions. Through the utilization of a solution that combines data transformation with help and advice, both new and thriving businesses can garner the ability to remain one step ahead of the competition through consistent improvement.

Together, they discuss:

  • Why you need to update your product feed daily
  • The importance of creating a product feed that is a representation of your brand
  • What exactly are GTINs and why do they matter
  • How data can help you build your tribe of devout customers

Sprung from a startup called WordWatch, an automated bid management tool specifically designed for Google text campaigns, DataFeedWatch was developed in response to the need to pivot when Google announced the influx of shopping campaigns. An all in one place to create, manage and optimize feeds across your entire client portfolio with sub-accounts for your staff and your customers, DataFeedWatch assures that your data makes it to all of your advertising channels and and continuously optimizes, allowing you the ability to see opportunities to improve titles, create custom labels and run advertising that converts.

“Every retailer that’s an active advertiser needs to optimize their data feeds in order to create better performance.”

From getting your data feed in order to learning demographic profile of the customer that’s most likely to make a purchase from you, working with DataFeedWatch to optimize your product feed can help your sales to soar.

You can book a demo, onboarding call or sign up for a free trial at

Jacques van der Wilt is the founder and CEO of DataFeedWatch, a leading global feed management and optimization solution that helps online merchants optimize their product listings for 1,000+ ecommerce channels in more than 50 countries.