Google, as the top search engine worldwide, is one of the top platforms as well where entrepreneurs and businesses spend money to advertise, with the goal of taking the number one result spot. But is the number one result really the best spot for you? In this episode, John Horn, CEO of StubGroup and a Google and Facebook Ads expert, shares why number one spot isn’t always the best for your business, and the factors you should consider when trying to top on the search results list on Google.

John also explains how you could save time and money, and the other benefits of hiring ads experts to do it for you instead of a DIY, the differences of running ads for B2B and B2C companies, and how ads can help you through your sales funnel. He also shares how the transition from desktop to mobile devices made it a lot complicated and harder to set up and track your ads results, a couple of tips when running an ads campaigns, and how Stub Group helps their clients #getnoticed, as well as how they help their business #getnoticed.