Are you running Performance Max campaigns on Google Ads? Do you want to make the most out of your product feeds and ensure your advertising efforts are effective? If so, you’re in the right place. In this blog post, we’ll explore six common mistakes in Performance Max feeds that we’ve encountered at StubGroup, a top Premier Google Partner digital advertising agency. By learning about these mistakes, you can optimize your product feeds and enhance your Google Ads campaigns.

Mistake #1: Advertising Too Many Product Variants

One of the most common errors we come across is businesses advertising an overwhelming number of product variants in their feed. While this approach might make sense for some industries, like electronics where consumers search for specific cable lengths, it can be counterproductive for others. For instance, when selling clothing, customers often search for the type or design of the product, not its size or color initially.

The problem with including all variants in your feed is that it disperses data across multiple options, making it challenging to assess the performance of specific products accurately. To enhance the effectiveness of your Performance Max campaigns, focus on promoting a single parent product per variant rather than every possible combination.

Mistake #2: Product Variants Misinformation

Another common mistake is providing information in your ads that doesn’t match the landing page that customers reach after clicking on your ad. For example, if your ad promotes a small hoodie at a specific price, but the landing page defaults to a large hoodie with a different price, it can lead to confusion and frustration for potential customers. Ensure that your ad information aligns with the default variant on your product page to maintain a consistent and reliable user experience.

Mistake #3: Content Mismatching

Consistency between the ad’s imagery and what customers see on the landing page is crucial. Discrepancies can lead to confusion and dissatisfaction. While it’s okay to experiment with different images, there should be a visual connection between the ad and the landing page. Ensure that the image used in your ad accurately represents what customers will see when they click through.

Mistake #4: Disapproved Products

Maintaining a clean and compliant product feed is vital. Google frequently disapproves products for various reasons, including incorrect information, discrepancies, or false positives. Regularly check your Google Merchant Center for product disapprovals or warnings and address them promptly to keep your feed error-free and ensure your products can be advertised effectively.

Mistake #5: Using Default Product Titles

Using default product titles from your website on your Performance Max feed is a missed opportunity. Product titles should serve as advertisements themselves. Instead of simply using a basic product name, optimize your titles with relevant keywords and additional information to make them more appealing to potential customers.

Mistake #6: Not Using All of the Available Fields

Google offers numerous optional fields that can enhance your product feed. While not all are mandatory, using as many of these fields as possible can improve data quality, make Google happier, and lead to better results in your campaigns. Provide as much information as you can about your products, including size, color, age suitability, gender, and other details.


Avoiding these common mistakes in your Performance Max feeds can significantly impact the success of your Google Ads campaigns. By optimizing your product feed and ensuring consistency between your ads and landing pages, you’ll provide a better user experience, increase your ad’s relevance, and maximize the effectiveness of your advertising efforts. If you found this information helpful and would like to learn more about Performance Max and other Google Ads topics, subscribe to our YouTube channel for regular updates. You can also speak with a member of our team at At StubGroup, we’re dedicated to helping businesses dominate Google Ads and make money online. Until next time, take care and make the most of your online advertising journey.