Far too many agencies think that all of their value lies within those big-number, end-of-month spreadsheets that they present to their clients, boasting of great ROAS and click-through-rates that dominated the norm. And yes, we love giving our clients those great reports, but here at StubGroup we pride ourselves in the value that we provide long past a single month that looks good on paper. We’re in it for long haul, making sure that we get to know every client at a deeper level, set realistic goals, and work with them to measure success from the very beginning of the relationship.

Recently, StubGroup CEO John Horn was invited to sit down with Jason Swenk, host of the industry-leading Smart Agency Masterclass Podcast, and have a conversation about how StubGroup has been able to provide extensive value to clients since 2012, maintaining stellar agency retention throughout its tenure.

To learn more about how StubGroup provides value to its clients, read the article or listen to the full podcast here.

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