Dominate Google Ads And Grow Your Business

Google ranks StubGroup in the top 1% of its Google Partners, based on the results and customer care we deliver our clients.

“StubGroup. . . has a long track record of client success, is committed to ongoing education, and employs the latest and greatest tactics to make sure they’re driving successful client campaigns.”


-Andrew N.,

Manager at Google

Supercharge Your Marketing with a Customized Google Ads Profit Plan

Are you ready to supercharge your marketing and make Google Ads a profit machine for your business?

As “The Premier Google Partner Agency”, StubGroup has the expertise and experience to help you dominate Google Ads and grow your business’s bottom line. And we’re ready to prove it to you.

If you want some constructive criticism about your current Google Ads campaigns and a roadmap for improvement, let us perform a detailed review of your account and give you a free Google Ads profit plan that’s customized to your business. We’ll ask you about your marketing goals and business growth needs, and then show you where you’re spending too much (and losing money), where you’re spending too little (and leaving profits on the table), and where the biggest opportunities are for immediate and long-term profit gains. Or if everything looks great and we don’t see any improvement opportunities, we’ll be honest and say you’re killing it without us!

The customized Google Ads profit plan we’ll give you is completely free, and it will be yours to use as you choose. So if you want to do your own heavy lifting and use our profit plan as a DIY guide for yourself or your current agency or in-house team, then go for it. But if you decide you’d rather use the team that crafted such a great plan and that can turn those recommendations and countless other optimizations into more profit growth for your business, then hire StubGroup and put us to work.

Start with your free Google Ads profit plan and find out what we can do for you.

Start with Your Free Google Ads Profit Plan

We’ve Helped Our Clients Reach the Top of the Mountain with Google Ads

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Make Google Ads a Powerful Profit Driver for Your Business with Our “Top 1%” Google Partner Agency

Our agency’s in-house team of Google Ads experts are all highly skilled and average 8+ years of experience managing Google Ads campaigns for businesses of all sizes — from local service businesses and niche ecommerce retailers, to multinational corporations and publicly traded companies. We’ve served clients across well over 100 industries, and we know how to make Google Ads a powerful profit driver for almost any type of business.

As an agency ranked by Google in the top 1% of Google’s Partners (based on the results and customer care we deliver our clients), we have access to the latest tools, resources, and insights from Google. At the same time, we know that Google isn’t shy about encouraging advertisers to significantly increase ad spend without good data and/or to focus money and effort on whatever shiny new campaign type Google may be pushing at the moment, regardless of whether that’s truly what’s best for a particular advertiser. That is why even though we’re grateful to be recognized by Google for our Google Ads expertise, our passion and commitment is to serve our clients and put their interests over Google’s or anyone else’s — which is in our best interest, too.

Over the Past Decade, We’ve Become Expert at Every Google Ads Product and Campaign Type

Search Campaigns
Display Campaigns
Video Campaigns
App Campaigns
Performance Max Campaigns
Shopping Campaigns
Discovery Campaigns
Smart Campaigns
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Start With Your Free Google Ads Profit Plan

Straightforward Pricing That Makes Sense

One of the benefits to working with StubGroup is our competitive, super-simple approach to pricing:

Monthly Google Ads Management (Microsoft Ads management included, too!):

One-Time Setup Fee


(Or save 40% — just $1,500 with a 3-month agreement)

Management Fee


+ 10% of monthly ad spend

Short-term Contracts



That’s it! Nothing fancy or complicated, just a straightforward pricing model that applies to all our clients regardless of business type or industry. We find that this approach eliminates confusion and guesswork for our clients, allowing you to grow with us as your budget increases and as we get to invest more time and personnel into your campaigns.