Important Questions

We help businesses solve the following questions (and many others) on a daily basis

  • How can I position my company for visibility online? Should I be using Google Ads, Facebook, Amazon, etc.? And what are my competitors doing?
  • Are my existing marketing campaigns working, and am I missing out on relevant traffic? Am I paying too much for my current traffic?
  • How do I get more high-quality leads and customers for my business?

We Have the Answers!

Since 2012 StubGroup has partnered with hundreds of our clients (we call them our clients but we’re really an extension of their businesses, and sometimes more like family) to solve the complex questions all businesses face in the ever-changing world of digital marketing.

We proudly solve the unique challenges of our clients on a daily basis and work to make them successful through years of proven results, a refined process, and close strategic partnerships with the world leaders in digital marketing — Google, Facebook, Bing, Amazon, and more.

Our hard work and dedication to our clients has paid-off. In 2016, Google (the world’s largest digital marketing platform) rewarded StubGroup with the Premier Google Partner status — the highest accolade given by Google to their advertising partners — for the performance and customer care that we continue to provide to our clients. And while accolades are nice, ultimately the best reward we’ve received is the ongoing success we provide to our clients: Read what our clients are saying about us.

StubGroup’s Co-Founder, Tim Horn, at Google HQ Recently

Fine Tune

The Story of StubGroup

The Founders

Mark Stubblefield and Tim Horn

StubGroup’s founders — Mark Stubblefield and Tim Horn

StubGroup was founded by Mark Stubblefield and soon after co-founded with Tim Horn. Mark and Tim are both “children” of the digital age (which means they played too many video games growing up) and have developed a passion for business and digital marketing in their friendship together over the years. That passion for digital marketing ultimately lead to the creation of StubGroup.

Mark started his first business at the ripe old age of fourteen and since then has progressed through the years to launching and reorganizing multi-million dollar businesses that were wildly successful, and working in the fast-paced, billion-dollar world of private equity. Mark has many years of extensive, real-world business experience under his belt and knows what it takes to make a business succeed.

Tim, likewise, has a unique work experience that has allowed him to oversee and execute ROI-driven digital marketing campaigns from all sides of the marketing table: as marketing director at a multi-million dollar retail company, as owner and marketer of his own online businesses, and as an expert digital marketing services provider.

Both Mark and Tim are fourth-generation business owners and know the challenges business owners face because they’re living the business ownership journey themselves.

The Beginning

In the summer of 2012, Mark and Tim completed a multi-year marketing consulting gig that they worked on tirelessly together. Mark was living in Fort Worth, Texas and Tim was in San Antonio, Texas at the time. When the project was completed they proceeded to ask themselves “what’s next?”

They both had identified a significant gap in the digital marketing space that someone needed to fill with talent and expertise but they were unsure how that gap being filled would ultimately translate for them with Mark living in Fort Worth and Tim living in San Antonio.

Later that summer, Mark took a “dream-job” at the largest marketing conglomerate in the world, where he would be managing millions of dollars in advertising for some of the largest companies on the planet, and Tim was in the process of accepting his “dream-job” in the beautiful state of Montana. Both were well positioned in their skill sets to continue working for individual organizations and progressing in their career paths. But something wasn’t right.


The Gamble

In their guts, both Mark and Tim knew that what they were really passionate about was the idea of starting their own company and leveraging all of their collective years of experience in digital marketing to help other businesses succeed. But they were both unsure if it was time to make that collective leap.

On a Saturday afternoon in the fall of 2012, the two friends were having a phone call together to talk about their futures and they decided it was time to gamble.

Mark, having just started the “dream-job” at the largest marketing conglomerate in the world, and Tim preparing to move to Montana to start his “dream-job”, made a bet.

Tim told Mark, “If you quit your job on Monday, I’ll move to Fort Worth and we’ll started a company together. Deal?” Mark, despite everyone around him (with the exception of his wife, Amy), telling him that he was crazy, quit his job on Monday, and a few weeks later Tim moved to Fort Worth. StubGroup was born!


The Reward

Since StubGroup’s humble beginnings in 2012, the StubGroup family continued to grow significantly from where it started with Mark and Tim and now includes a wide-range of talented digital marketing experts.

StubGroup’s team brings decades of advertising experience and savvy to the table. Collectively we’ve served Fortune 500 and above organizations, multi-million dollar retailers, non-profits, and local businesses alike, and trained over twenty thousand students in Google PPC advertising.

More importantly, StubGroup’s team makes StubGroup’s clients’ a lot of money through their collective skills and expertise.

StubGroup is living the entrepreneurship journey, and we’ve used our own digital marketing process to create our success (we’re drinking our own champagne and loving it). Now we’re thriving and creating success for our clients around the world.

You’ve heard our story, we want to know your story! Contact us now.

Our Vision

StubGroup will become a close-knit group of talented individuals working together with a singular vision, intensity, efficiency, and expertise that is focused on digital marketing excellence directed at the ongoing success of our clients. We don’t want to be the biggest marketing agency on the planet but we do want to be the best. This vision is never-ending and we’re not afraid of making mistakes or taking risks to invest in the success and long-term growth of our team, our strategic partners, and our clients.


As a company we should NEVER ask ourselves, how do we add more people, systems, and processes so we can scale quickly? But we should ask, how do we better serve our clients so that the quality of our work scales itself?

~ Mark Stubblefield, StubGroup’s Co-founder

Our Values

We seek to provide industry-leading digital marketing solutions to businesses. The value in our service is found in creating, improving, and managing ongoing, digital marketing campaigns that both generate financial profitability for our clients and save them time and money, ultimately leading to more success and happiness for their businesses.

  • Always advocating as an extension of our client’s businesses
  • Collectively focused on the character, growth, camaraderie, and success of our team, understanding that our people are our product and will impact our clients’ success
  • Constantly pursuing a proper perspective of our own strengths and weaknesses and pursuing excellence through both
  • Pursuing boldness in expertise, humility in uncertainty
  • Committed to our clients’ best interests, even when they’re not or don’t know when to be
  • Unafraid of mistakes as long as we learn from them