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We have seen businesses improve their chances of reinstatement by adhering to the following guidelines.

Should I create a new Google Ads account?

Don’t create a new Google Ads account.

Even if Google support tells you to (which they often do), don’t do it. Opening a new Google Ads account for the same entity that already has a suspended Google Ads account is against Google’s policies. And Google is really good at connecting the dots and figuring out what you are trying to do.

Not only will the new account get suspended, but the new account may lower your chances of resolving the original suspension.

Already too late? It may still be possible to get your original suspension reversed, but it’s going to be even harder, and may require expert help.

Be respectful to Google Ads support

Don’t yell at Google.

It’s incredibly frustrating to be told that you can’t advertise on a platform which is the lifeblood for many businesses, and to get zero details about why Google made the decision or how you can fix the problem.

But — yelling at Google via phone or email will hurt your case.

The Google representatives you interact with are NOT the people who decided to suspend your account, and they are also NOT the people who will decide to reinstate it. They’re just trying to do their job, sometimes with limited training about Google’s policies.

When we communicate with and submit appeals to Google on behalf of our clients, we approach each situation with respect, express appreciation for the policy team’s time in reviewing our appeal, and we apologize for any mistakes our clients made.

Vet anyone you let touch your suspended Google Ads account

Be Careful about Hiring an “Expert” from Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

There are individuals who advertise via gig platforms such as Fiverr and Upwork that they will help get Google Ads accounts unsuspended.

Some of these individuals may be legitimate, but we’ve also seen some suspension problems compounded by “experts” from these platforms who have tried and failed to help clients get back on Google.

Approach with care, and vet anyone you work with in this space. Look for reviews from real businesses they helped get back online.

When to submit an appeal to Google Ads

Don’t Submit Appeal after Appeal

Google doesn’t have an official limit on the number of appeals that you can submit, but the more unsuccessful appeals you submit, the less likely it is that your next appeal will be reviewed.

Google expects you to submit new, relevant information if you resubmit an appeal. “Spamming” the appeal form will make your life worse.

Why Does Google Suspend Google Ads Accounts?

Google is trying to protect users.

There are a tremendous number of bad actors who want to use Google’s traffic to harm and scam people. Google invests billions of dollars into preventing this from happening, and frankly, we should be grateful that they do.

Unfortunately, the safeguards Google has in place against illegitimate advertisers often mistakenly flag legitimate businesses.

Advertisers also sometimes aren’t careful to read Google’s policies and understand what is required to advertise on the platform.

And sometimes something out of an advertiser’s control, such as getting hacked and having malicious links added to their website, will create a situation where Google was right in suspending the account in order to protect users, but the advertiser also did nothing malicious.

But Google won’t tell me why they suspended my account.

Yeah, that’s the rub.

Google will technically give you a reason, such as “Suspicious Payment Activity” or “Circumventing Systems”, and link you to a general policy that covers that topic, but it can be very hard to figure out specifically why your account was flagged.

To some extent, we believe this vagueness is intentional.

Google doesn’t want to give step-by-step instructions to illegitimate businesses so that they can game the system.

Why did Google suspend my ads account?

Unsuspension Success Story!

Watch the video below to see how we helped serial entrepreneur Travis Marziani fix his Circumventing Systems suspension.

The Most Frequently Flagged Policies

Google has many policies, but there are a handful of “frequent fliers” that we most commonly see when businesses reach out to us looking for help with a suspension.

Google Ads Suspended for Suspicious Payment Activity

Suspicious Payment Activity

Common reasons for this suspension include:

  • Entering incorrect billing information
  • Declining a charge from Google or issuing a chargeback
  • Using a virtual address as your business address
  • Using the same payment method across multiple Google Ads accounts

This can be one of the most frustrating suspensions to deal with because Google does not provide any indication of what they think is suspicious about your payments.

This suspension also often occurs prior to you making any payments in an account. We’ve seen many brand-new Google Ads accounts be suspended for suspicious payments out of the gate, sometimes even before a campaign has even been created in the account.

We’ve also seen instances where this policy was referenced by Google but the actual problem was something unrelated to billing, so watch out for this policy being a “catch-all” for Google concerns that don’t fit cleanly under a different policy heading.

Overturning a Suspicious Payments suspension requires clarity in your appeal to Google. You need to figure out what flagged the system initially and fix the issue, and then explain in clear terms to Google what you did and why your payment method is not suspicious.

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Circumventing Systems

Violating this policy is what Google calls an “egregious” violation. That means it’s even harder to come back from a Circumventing Systems suspension than from other “non-egregious” violations.

Common reasons for this suspension include:

  • Creating a new Google Ads account when you already have a suspended account
  • Using a redirect on the landing page in your ads
  • Having malicious links on your website (e.g. after a hack)

If you’re flagged for this policy, Google is essentially saying that you are trying to trick users and/or get around Google’s systems.

It’s not hard to unintentionally and unknowingly violate this policy. A few examples we’ve seen of this are:

  • Businesses migrating their website to a new domain and redirecting their old domain to the new site but not removing ads from their account that point to the previous domain period.
  • Companies creating a new Google Ads account or hiring an agency to do so without realizing that there is already an existing Google Ads account for their business/website.

There are a host of reasons why you might be flagged for Circumventing Systems. To get reinstated, you need to make sure your site is clean of redirects, provide accurate and comprehensive information about your business and pricing practices on your website, and identify and cancel other ad accounts that may be linked to the suspended account.

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Google Ads Suspended for Circumventing Systems
 Google Ads Suspended for Unacceptable Business Practices

Unacceptable Business Practices

With this suspension, Google is saying that they think there is something fishy about your business practices/model.

Common reasons for this suspension include:

  • Google thinking that you are pretending to be a business other than your own
  • A high volume of negative reviews about your business on third-party review websites
  • False advertising

Just as with Circumventing Systems, violating the Unacceptable Business Practices policy is an “egregious” violation in Google’s eyes.

Businesses who are using logos and brand names that are associated with other websites are in particular danger of being flagged under this policy. For example:

  • Franchisees
  • Resellers
  • Authorized dealers
  • Companies with multiple websites/ad accounts for different geographic regions

The key to getting reinstated is identifying what problem Google has with your business and then clearly explaining to Google why it’s not a problem, along with any appropriate documentation.

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Business Operations Verification Failure

This has become more common as Google rolls out Business Operations Verification to advertisers globally.

Common reasons for this suspension include:

  • Not answering questions clearly
  • Not providing sufficient documentation
  • Creating confusion in Google’s mind about your relationships with third parties

This suspension reason is tricky because Google continues to make changes to their appeal form and the questions they ask of businesses.

You need to be very careful when filling out this form to be accurate but also to not create confusion with how you answer the questions.

This can be particularly challenging for businesses that don’t fit cleanly into the categories Google provides (e.g. auction houses, mortgage brokers, etc.).

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Google Ads Suspended for Failure to Verify Business Operations
Google Ads Suspended for Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit Goods

Google has a zero tolerance policy for the sale of counterfeit products through its ad platform. This is an “egregious” policy violation.

Common things that trigger this suspension include:

  • Reselling brand items (e.g. Gucci, Chanel, Louis Vuitton)
  • Steep discounts across a website

Documentation is key when it comes to recovering from this suspension. If you’re using third-party brand names on your website, you need to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to Google that you are authorized to do so and that the products you are selling are genuine. If you’re selling your own brand, then you need to prove to Google that the products are your own and that you’re not mimicking another brand.

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Google Merchant Center Suspensions

A Google Merchant Center is required in order to run Shopping campaigns, so the suspension of your GMC removes your ability to run Shopping campaigns and sometimes also results in the suspension of the linked Google Ads account.

There are a number of Google policies for Google Merchant Center that are self-explanatory, and for which Google will give you advanced notice of a problem you need to fix before the account will be suspended.

Examples of “straightforward” suspensions include:

  • Inaccurate tax information
  • Incorrect shipping prices
  • Incomplete checkout process
  • Incorrect product pricing in the feed

In addition to those policies, however, there is a “Misrepresentation” policy which is often not straightforward.

Google has strict policies about what information ecommerce businesses need to provide on their website, and how they need to display that information.

The rise of scam artists and terribly-run drop shipping businesses caused Google to crack down heavily on Google Merchant Centers.

You need to have clear, comprehensive policies visible on your website and you need to accurately fill out the required policy information within Google Merchant Center itself.

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Google Merchant Center Suspension

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StubGroup worked with me through a Google account suspension to figure out why we were suspended and did not stop until the problem was solved. Would highly recommend for help with Google ads and help with unexplained account suspensions. Well worth the price.

Laura Short

Google Ads suspended our account for suspicious payment (incorrectly). After several failed attempts on our own to resolve the issue with Google, we gave StubGroup a try. They were timely and effective, and the suspension was fixed. I recommend StubGroup

Mike Guidry

Last month I attempted to start running Google Ads after my Google Account was created. Google Ads was going to be one of my primary resources for reaching new patients for my newly established practice. Frustratingly, after I attempted to make my first credit card payment for Google Ads, my account was suspended for “Suspicious Payment Activity”. Attempts to try to contact a Google representative to explain to me what the heck was going on were futile and my first appeal attempt went nowhere. The whole matter was very frustrating and very upsetting. I had no idea what to do or who to turn to for help! So, I searched for companies to help with Google Suspensions and discovered StubGroup. . . Well, I am very happy to report that it took StubGroup only two weeks to reverse the suspension and my account is up and running once again.

Dr. Tim Adams

Working through a Google ad suspension with John and Becky at Stubgroup was a great experience. The on-boarding process with Becky was thorough and left me feeling good about the whole process. John personally made sure that everything in my file was good to go before submitting out successful appeal. I am looking forward to working with Stubgroup advertising. Highly recommend.

Jared Thompson

Great experience! I had the luxury of being assisted by John and Becky with a client account suspension. They were extremely helpful, patient and professional. I highly recommend StubGroup!

Sergio Perez-Borroto

I had fantastic experience with StubGroup, they helped me solved a very important problem I was fighting for 10 months. They are very friendly and professional, thank you guys!!

Leon Brodsky

John and Becky were awesome! They took care of our account and get unsuspended. Really enjoyed working with them. They are very professional and honest. I’m very happy with their service that I’m retaining them on regular basis.

Dr. Jonny Myat Htut

I highly recommend StubGroup if you have any issues or questions with Google Ads. They are phenomenal! They are quick to respond, great to work with and got our issue resolved right away!

Cynthia Johnson

I hired StubGroup to assist me with a challenge I was having with our Google Ads account. After trying to resolve this issue on my own to no avail we decide to enlist an expert. StubGroup was able to work with Google directly to get the matter resolved and get my account back active. Definitely recommend their services.

Aaron Clowes

StubGroup assisted our company diligently to get our Google Ads account unsuspended. We appreciate their responsiveness and expertise to solve our problem promptly. Highly recommend them!

Diana Velez

Had nothing but problems trying to communicate my issue to Google and got no responses from them. Finally stub group was able to help and had the issue resolved quick and painlessly. What a difference this will make! Well worth it.

Mike Champeaux

10/10 recommend StubGroup. Our website was hit with malware and it affected our Ads account. In-house, we followed a careful list to fix the issue immediately, but we could not get through the appeal process with Google Ads. There was no one to talk to at Google and we kept receiving an auto-generated decline message with each appeal. It was beyond frustrating. We had employees we needed to keep busy, it was affecting our business, and there was no time to spare in getting this fixed. We reached out to StubGroup who was incredibly helpful from the very first call. They gave us a lot of helpful info, had us resubmit an appeal on our own since we had already completed a big list of revisions and edits to make sure we were compliant, and then, after no success, they worked with us to get in the back door at Google and get us a manual appeal. They were able to get us unlocked within about a month. I’m glad we didn’t wait to get started with them, as time is money. They are also incredibly reasonable in putting the money spent toward running our Ads. Before this occurred, we’d been vetting vendors to optimize our Google Ads accounts, so this really helped us find someone we felt was professional, organized, and trustworthy. Can’t thank the John and Rebecca and the whole StubGroup team enough! Looking forward to all we’ll accomplish together.

Abby Feauto

We worked with StubGroup to resolve a Google Merchant Center issue. They had experience and guided the process professionally for a successful outcome. Thank you!

Rick Maggio

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Frequently Asked Questions About Google Ads Suspensions

You need to identify what Google has flagged as a problem, fix that problem, and then submit a respectful and detailed appeal to Google.

That sounds easy but it can be incredibly hard because Google won’t tell you exactly what the problem is. That’s why StubGroup offers our expertise to help get legitimate advertisers reinstated.

It’s common for Google to suspend websites for tactics that are being used by competitors, and for those competitors to keep advertising with Google while you are dead in the water.

Google can be very inconsistent in how they enforce their policies. Unfortunately, the argument “but my competitors are doing this” doesn’t bear weight when you submit an appeal. Once you are suspended, all that matters is you convincing Google that you have fixed the problem and that your account is in accordance with Google’s policies.

It’s against Google’s policies to create a new Google Ads account as a way to get around an existing suspension.

Google is also good at connecting dots between accounts. It’s vital that you fix your current suspension, because new accounts you create that are tied back to the old account will be suspended, and taking this action will hurt your chances of having an appeal accepted.

There is no official limit, but from our experience, the more appeals you submit, the harder it will be to get Google to continue to review them.

That’s why you need to be thorough to fix every potential problem before you submit an appeal, and be detailed in the appeal that you submit to explain exactly what you did to address the problem.

Google offers phone support for technical problems, but those representatives are not on the policy team and they don’t have access to details about why your account was suspended.

Phone support can be helpful for things like following up to request the status of a ticket you filed, or having them check your website for any links that are flagged as malicious. But when it comes to decision makers and people who know why your account is suspended, Google has built a firewall between that team and Google partners and advertisers.

Since 2013, StubGroup’s expert team of suspension specialists have been helping suspended advertisers get back online with Google Ads. We understand how “life and death” having a healthy, active Google Ads account can be for many businesses, so if your account is suspended and you’re looking for immediate help to get back online, let’s talk.

Because every suspension and advertiser is unique, we evaluate each suspension situation independently. Sometimes that means we have to tell you we don’t see a path forward for you to advertise with Google again. Other times the root problem is solvable and we’re able to work with you and Google to resolve Google’s concerns and get you back online.

Throughout the entire process, we will be direct and transparent with you and ask that you be the same with us. We don’t have time for advertisers who are trying to trick Google and who knowingly violate Google’s policies. But if you’re operating a legitimate business and simply need help navigating and resolving Google’s sometimes complex policy requirements, we’re here to help!