It’s Juliet is a top fashion e-commerce store For the woman who leads with love, but waits for no one.”

The challenge

It’s Juliet came to StubGroup with suspended Google Merchant Center and Google Ads accounts. After working with StubGroup’s expert suspension team to repair various issues that were triggering the suspensions, resulting in full reinstatement of the accounts, It’s Juliet decided to continue working with StubGroup to help recover the revenue they lost while unable to advertise due to the suspensions.

The approach

We began by leveraging Google Ads Smart Shopping to ensure that their products were well represented in the search results, while targeting users most likely to convert. After sufficiently utilizing tracking methods on Google Ads, we began a substantial remarketing campaign on Facebook. Upon closely monitoring the campaign, we capitalized off of great performance and dramatically increased the spend on Facebook Ads: targeting users that were most likely to make a purchase and continuing to track their behaviors. Because of this, we were able to follow the user’s journey in a way that would attribute more accurate revenue and transaction data from all sources. 

Our team continually communicated with the client to ask, track, and understand the company’s COGS and other important figures of business so that when the opportunity to dramatically increase ad spend arose, it didn’t feel risky or intimidating.

The results

Despite the dire circumstances that It’s Juliet began with and the significant amount of competition in the women’s clothing ecommerce market, It’s Juliet went from $0 of revenue from Facebook Ads to $182,732.31 in 30 days! 


  • 13X ROAS
  • +$182k+ Revenue Increase 


“To be able to hand off and trust someone with your business is hard but they make it easy. Definitely excited to be working with them moving forward.” ~ Tiffany, It’s Juliet