Our team at StubGroup has recently been exploring an aspect of Google Ads that has become more prominent over the course of 2023: Advertiser Verification. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of both Advertiser Verification and Business Operations Verification, shedding light on what these processes entail and providing insights for advertisers aiming to successfully navigate this terrain.

Why is Verification Important?

As the fall season sets in, businesses are gearing up for holiday sales, and the world of online advertising is no exception. Google Ads, a primary platform for digital advertising, often throws new challenges at advertisers. Google’s verification process is one of those challenges. They created the process as another way to protect users and other advertisers on their platform from bad actors who might take advantage of them. Verification is important for both Google and advertisers because it creates a higher level of transparency and grows trust between Google, the advertiser, and users.

However, this can create more complications when it comes to a business’s digital advertising journey. Sometimes Google rejects a verification request or doesn’t understand a business model. Our experts at StubGroup have worked through this with many of our clients and gotten them successfully verified on Google’s platform. So, while verification can be a hassle, it’s important to earning Google’s trust and isn’t an insurmountable obstacle.

Advertiser Verification

Advertiser verification focuses on verifying the legitimacy of your business and your association with it. The requirements include submitting specific documents and a photo ID for the person linked to the business and payment profile on the account. Documents like business registration and IRS-stamped letters showcasing the EIN (Employer Identification Number) are commonly accepted. A driver’s license or passport is needed as well. If you have these documents, the process is straightforward and can often be completed quickly. However, acquiring the right documents can be a challenge in some cases, so seeking assistance is advisable if you aren’t sure if Google will accept your documents.

Is a “Google My Business” Account Essential?

While having a Google My Business account can be beneficial for local marketing, it’s not a strict prerequisite for Advertiser Verification. The key focus here is on providing the necessary business documentation and photo ID. So while a Google My Business account is helpful for advertising and building trust with both Google and users, it is not necessary for the verification process.

Business Operations Verification

Business Operations Verification is a far more complex and intricate process. This comes after Advertiser Verification in some cases. Google often requires this for accounts in sensitive industries or specific business models. In this step, you need to answer a multitude of questions and provide additional documentation to prove the legitimacy of your business and the services or products you claim to offer in your Google Ads.

Make sure that your documentation is up to date, has the correct name and address, and is one of the pieces of business documentation that Google accepts. This process can be tricky and frustrating for some businesses with more complicated business models. The Business Operations Verification form can also be hard to understand and navigate correctly. StubGroup has also successfully worked with clients to verify their business operations and our experts are prepared to help navigate this correctly.

The Key Takeaways

In summary, if you haven’t completed Advertiser Verification yet, it’s recommended that you proactively go through the process. You can find this option in your Google Ads account by going to Tools & Settings>>Billing and Payments>>Advertiser Verification. The option is not always available for every Google Ads account but will soon be a requirement.

Completing this step can help prove your legitimacy to Google, which is crucial if your account is suspended or if you are wanting to keep in good standing with Google and their platform. If you are facing a suspension, keep in mind that verification may not resolve the root problem causing your suspension, However, it’s an important step that Google takes into account in the appeal process.


Navigating Google Ads verification may seem daunting, but it’s a necessary part of today’s online advertising landscape. Staying informed and proactive can make a significant difference in your Google Ads success. Embrace the verification process with confidence and ensure your business thrives in today’s digital advertising realm. Our experts are available to provide clarity and guidance for advertisers who are struggling to embark on this journey. If you would like to speak with one of our team members, you can visit us at stubgroup.com.