Maintaining a pristine online presence can be a challenging feat for business tackling digital advertising. Google’s stringent policies and regulations can often lead to account suspensions, leaving businesses in a state of despair. However, there’s hope. At StubGroup, a leading digital advertising agency and premier Google partner, we are the ultimate resource for fixing Google suspensions. In this blog post, we’ll dive into how our agency recently helped a client overcome the hurdles of a suspended Google Merchant Center account.

Client’s Situation

The story begins with a distressed client who approached StubGroup for assistance with their suspension issues. They were facing a double whammy: their Google Ads account was suspended for circumventing systems, and their Google Merchant Center account was suspended for misrepresentation. These suspensions left them unable to advertise, and their appeals had proved fruitless.

Complicating Factors

This was no ordinary suspension case. Several factors added layers of complexity to the situation. First, the client was an American distributor for an Italian company, using the brand name of the Italian product for their American operations. While they had a distribution agreement with the Italian company, Google’s algorithms saw this as suspicious, as they doubted the authorization to use the brand name on their American website.

Additionally, the client operated in the health-related products space, which is considered a sensitive vertical by Google. This sensitivity added to the challenge of reinstatement. Further complicating matters, there were other Google Ads accounts still tied to the client’s company, as well as an old Google My Business profile claimed by a previous distributor. This web of entanglements left Google understandably confused about the client’s situation.

What We Did to Fix It

StubGroup took an assertive approach to resolving these issues. First, we conducted a deep dive audit of the client’s website, identifying numerous areas that needed improvement. These included adding additional policy pages, enhancing contact information visibility, and making necessary adjustments to blog posts that discussed product benefits.

For a health-related product, it’s crucial to choose words carefully, avoiding claims that might raise red flags with Google’s sensitivity to health-related claims. We suggested edited the blog posts to align with Google’s guidelines and ensured that the product benefits were described in a way that wouldn’t trigger suspensions.

Appealing the Ad Account

The appeal for the suspended Google Ads account was a pivotal step. StubGroup meticulously crafted a comprehensive appeal. Key highlights included establishing the relationship between the Italian manufacturer and the U.S. distributor, supported by documentation. We also explained all the other complicating factors, such as errors in payment profiles and billing address information.

The appeal, supported by a wealth of documentation, was submitted to Google, and our team at StubGroup worked through the process to successfully unsuspend the Google Ads account.

Tackling the Google Merchant Center Suspension

With the Google Ads account reinstated, the final challenge was the Google Merchant Center suspension for misrepresentation. StubGroup conducted a thorough review of the Merchant Center account, ensuring it was set up correctly, matching the website’s information and policies. With all the website changes implemented, they requested a review of the suspension, which resulted in a successful reinstatement.


The success story of this client serves as a beacon of hope for anyone struggling with Google suspensions. While it may seem like an insurmountable obstacle, experienced agencies like StubGroup have the expertise and strategies to navigate the complexities of Google’s policies. If you’re facing suspension issues, don’t lose hope; there are steps you can take to regain control of your advertising accounts. Reach out to our experts at for assistance and expert guidance in getting back online.