In the spirit of the season, we’ve decided to share some spine-tingling tales from our experiences with Google Ads. As they say, “If it can go wrong, it will go wrong,” and we believe there’s always something to learn from what went awry. So sit tight, and we’ll regale you with a few hair-raising stories that will make you think twice about your Google Ads strategy.

A Cautionary Tale of Choosing the Wrong Partner

Spooky season is always a lot of fun, but there are times when the spookiness goes beyond the costumes and decorations. Take, for instance, a recent incident where a potential client came to us seeking help with a Google Ads suspension issue. She had been communicating with several service providers, including us, to address her problem. However, her story took a dark turn.

The client decided to go with a lower-priced freelancer, thinking she could trust them to resolve her Google Ads account suspension. The freelancer requested access not only to her Google Ads account but also to her Facebook and Instagram pages, with the promise of getting her account unsuspended. Unfortunately, this decision led to a nightmare.

After a weekend of silence, the client discovered that the freelancer had not only failed to unsuspend her Google Ads account but had also hacked into her Facebook and Instagram accounts. She lost access to her social media profiles, and her Google Ads account remained suspended. Now, she faces the daunting task of waiting for Google’s support to respond and salvage the situation.

The lesson here is crystal clear: when dealing with critical issues in Google Ads, never compromise quality for a lower price. Be meticulous when selecting partners or freelancers, and ensure that you thoroughly research and vet them before granting access to your accounts.

Disconnects with Sales and Call Answering Services

Our team has two stories that emphasize the importance of ensuring a seamless connection between your marketing efforts and your sales team or call answering service.

In the first story, a local furniture store targeted keywords related to competitor brand names to attract potential customers. They received numerous phone calls, but a disconnect between the marketing message and the sales team’s response led to missed opportunities. Instead of converting callers interested in competitor products, the sales team simply redirected them to the competition. The lesson here is that clear communication and training are essential to capitalize on such marketing strategies.

In the second story, a roofing company introduced new services, including solar panels, but their call answering service was unaware of these offerings. As a result, they missed out on leads interested in the new services. Training and updating your call answering service is crucial to align marketing with real-time business offerings.

The Dark Side of YouTube Ads

This spooky story revolves around YouTube advertising. While one of our clients was experiencing a high volume of views and clicks, something seemed amiss. Upon investigation, we realized that nearly 95% of the traffic was coming from the Google Display Network, which was displaying their video ads on low-quality platforms such as mobile apps, game apps, and kids’ apps. This resulted in wasted ad spend and low-quality traffic.

The solution to this scenario was clear: stop running YouTube ads on the Display Network and focus on YouTube itself. The key takeaway is to meticulously monitor where your ads are displayed and optimize for quality over quantity.


Spooky Google Ads stories aren’t just for Halloween; they’re real challenges that businesses face every day. These tales from StubGroup’s experiences underscore the importance of careful partner selection, clear communication between marketing and sales teams, and vigilant ad campaign monitoring. If you’re navigating your own Google Ads horror story or want to ensure you avoid one, reach out to StubGroup for expert guidance on our website at Don’t let your marketing become a frightening tale – make it a success story instead!