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When they came to StubGroup in February 2022, their Google Ads account was under very poor care. A combination of loose keyword match types (Broad), ineffective ad copy, automated bidding, imprecise tracking, and suboptimal landing pages resulted in low profitability.

The Challenges

  • Poor account structure
  • Tracking issues
  • Unoptimized landing pages
  • Poor lead quality

Our Strategy

We started by troubleshooting and fixing the tracking in the Google Ads account to make sure we had accurate and comprehensive data to work with.

After we fixed and set up tracking for all possible actions (including form submissions and phone calls), we moved on to restructuring and rebuilding the campaigns.

We executed thorough keyword research and segmented keywords into thematic ad groups and campaigns, in such a way that allowed both maximizing the lowest hanging fruit and creating ads with an “Excellent” ad score.

Lastly, we turned our attention to the landing pages. We worked with the client’s team to tweak the landing pages to encourage users to take action and thus increase the on-page conversion rate.

The Results

Our newly launched campaigns showed results almost immediately — we saw a spike in conversion volume during our first month of ads management, while also decreasing the cost per conversion.

By constantly analyzing the data and optimizing the campaigns accordingly, we managed to scale these results.

At the end of our first year of management, orders are through the roof and the client is expanding their team so that they can handle the existing order volume and continue to scale.

  • 339% more conversions year over year
  • 52% decrease in cost per conversion year over year
  • 77% increase in conversion rate year over year