As one of the world’s premier Google partner advertising agencies, we are StubGroup are here to shed light on a critical issue: circumventing systems suspensions. If your Google Ads account has been suspended for such violations, buckle up, because we’re about to dive into the nitty-gritty of this problem.

Challenging but Solvable

You might have stumbled upon information online claiming that circumventing systems suspensions are irreparable. But fear not! That’s far from the truth. At StubGroup, we have successfully assisted numerous businesses in resolving such suspensions and getting advertisers back online. While it can be an arduous process, recovery is possible. However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that some situations may pose greater challenges, making expert assistance necessary.

Understanding Google’s Policies

Google has comprehensive online policies that outline various examples of actions that can trigger circumventing systems suspensions. These violations include gaming the system through redirects, maintaining multiple Google Ads accounts while suspended, and employing cloaking techniques. It’s important to familiarize yourself with these policies, but bear in mind that they might not cover every possible violation.

StubGroup’s Process for Handling Suspensions

When you entrust us with resolving your suspension issues, we are meticulous. We examine your website, account, and overall business information, searching for potential red flags that might have caught Google’s attention. Our experienced team knows what to look for and how to fix these problems effectively. Here are a few examples of issues that trigger a Circumventing Systems suspension:

Redirects: One of the most common issues we encounter when dealing with circumventing systems suspensions is the use of redirects. A redirect occurs when your Google Ads account displays one URL, but clicking on it leads to a different URL. Google strictly prohibits redirects due to malicious practices employed by bad actors. Many advertisers remain unaware of this policy or fail to recognize the presence of redirects on their websites. We have encountered cases where outdated or unnoticed redirects triggered suspensions. Through our expertise, we identify and rectify such issues before successfully appealing to Google.

Site Links Pointing to Google My Business: Another violation we’ve come across involves Google Ads site links that direct users to a business’s Google My Business page. While this might seem harmless, it violates Google’s policies regarding linking to third-party domains from the same ad or site links. Surprisingly, even Google themselves have unwittingly created such violations when assisting newer advertisers. At StubGroup, we are adept at identifying and rectifying these policy breaches, providing ongoing ad management support to businesses lacking expertise in the field.

Malicious Code Injection: Hackers occasionally inject malicious code or links into websites, creating a substantial risk for users. Understandably, Google swiftly suspends accounts associated with compromised websites. When this occurs, our team works closely with the client and their developers to locate and eliminate the malicious elements, ensuring a safe user experience. We then proceed to submit an appeal to reinstate the account.

The Importance of a Thorough Investigation

As you can see from those examples, dealing with a circumventing systems suspension requires a meticulous and thorough investigation of all aspects of your website and account. At StubGroup, we’ve honed our expertise in identifying problematic areas that may have triggered the suspension. By examining every detail and leaving no stone unturned, we offer comprehensive solutions to expedite the reinstatement process.

How Can StubGroup Help You?

We understand the frustration and challenges associated with circumventing systems suspensions. However, we’re here to offer our assistance. Visit to connect with our team and explore the ways we can help you get back online with Google Ads.