Conversion Rate Increase YOY


Lead Increase YOY


Cost Per Lead Decrease YOY


“[StubGroup] got our Google ad spend to half of what it was before. Increased the amount of leads by almost double while reducing our cost-per-conversion by half. When our company changed to StubGroup, we noticed a huge difference in the first month.”

Valerie Hindley, CanWest Concrete

CanWest Concrete offers residential and commercial concrete services in Alberta, Canada.


CanWest approached StubGroup because they weren’t happy with the results they were seeing from their Google Ads campaigns, which were being managed by another agency. They were getting leads, but thought they should be getting many more leads than they were, and felt that they were overpaying for the leads they were receiving.


After StubGroup took over management of CanWest’s Google Ads campaigns, we identified multiple areas where spend was being wasted and where business was being left on the table.

We changed the geographic targeting, created new ad copy using the most advanced Google Ad types, added ad extensions, and used optimized conversion tracking with smart bidding strategies.


In StubGroup’s first full month managing CanWest’s Google Ads campaigns we were able to cut wasted ad spend and find additional relevant traffic. That resulted in a 202% increase in conversion rate YoY, which led to 122% more leads and a 55% decrease in the cost per lead.