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“ It has been a great partnership with StubGroup. Our Client Success Manager Joseph’s professionalism, pro-activeness, attention to detail, and ability to take on a more holistic approach towards our overall marketing have taken our business to another level. Their team continuously works to optimize our campaigns to maximize our return, and definitely consistently meet our expectations and beyond. We can truly feel that our success is a priority to them.”


Since launching as a Chinatown boutique under the name Old Shanghai 30 years ago, to the latest transformation into KIM+ONO, the family-owned and operated local and online retailer has evolved into a brand trusted for the quality and beauty of its clothing.


  1. Communicate the products’ uniquely detailed craftsmanship in a catchy way.
  2. Grow sales and revenue while achieving at least 300% in return throughout 2 rebrands.


StubGroup used a wide mix of channels and targeting strategies, including advanced retargeting based on customer purchase stages, and proactive targeting based on audience interests and similarity to existing customers. Channels included Google Search & Display, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and Pinterest.


During StubGroup’s first month managing KIM+ONO’s marketing in 2017, KIM+ONO generated their highest ever monthly revenue up to that point in time. In the following years, growth has scaled and KIM+ONO now generates more than double 2017’s average monthly revenue, with revenue continuing to scale.