Video is by far the most engaging form of content. High-quality video can serve your brand (and customers) at every stage of the sales funnel from awareness down to the purchase decision. In fact, 60% of marketers say that videos drive more engagement than text or static images. And video is also by far the fastest growing and most in-demand form of content with 86% of people saying they want to see more videos from brands in 2020.

Here are 3 reasons to use high-quality video in your digital marketing arsenal:

1. Video tells a story

People don’t just buy products. They buy into brands. They want the brands they support to have a great story behind them. The best way to tell that story is through video.

And you have a million stories to tell! From customer reviews to “how it’s made” to lifestyle-driven brand content — you have so many opportunities to connect with your viewers on an emotional level.

Watch how Dalstrong tells their story.


2. Video stops the scroll

Everyone wants “scroll stopping” content — for consumers to actually pause in their social media activity and give your content the time of day. We’re so inundated with images and text every day that we’re naturally inclined to skip over it or maybe give one or two seconds of attention to the pieces we come across during the scroll.

Video breaks that habit where your mind naturally wants to stop and give an extra second to digest the information in front of you. As marketers, we can capitalize on that extra time to reel in viewership and get more engagement on our content.

Watch how Brushee grabs attention:

3. Video informs and educates

Consumers love video when shopping online. 96% of people say they watch a video before committing to buying a product or service online. Video informs and educates in a way that text and static visuals typically cannot. When buying a product you want to know the ins and outs and experience the quality as close to first hand as possible.

Video gives a viewer something close to the in-store experience so they can understand what they’re buying. That’s why video is so powerful with e-commerce products.

Watch how Felina shows off their apparel.

There are so many opportunities to incorporate high-quality video into your digital marketing strategy. You can even take one piece of long-form content and multiply its efforts by cutting it into different versions for various channels and parts of the sales funnel.

You can reach people emotionally by tugging at the heartstrings, making them laugh, or just educating viewers in a straightforward way that puts their mind at ease when making a purchase decision. Wherever you are running content be sure to prioritize high-quality

This guest post was written by Video Review Labs, the e-commerce product video experts. Learn more about how high-quality video can convert more sales here.