In this blog post, we’ll explore predictions our team at StubGroup has made concerning Google Merchant Center in 2024, offering insights into potential features and advancements that may reshape the way businesses manage and showcase their products.

Google Merchant Center Next: A Game-Changing Integration

Google Merchant Center Next brought about a distinct atmosphere with its forceful integration. We want to highlight the transformative experience, emphasizing the game-changing features of automatic updates in the Google Product Studio. This includes the ability to test different images, remove backgrounds, and enhance resolution. There’s speculation about Google offering freeware services to automatically remove watermarks, providing a potential boon for clients with extensive product catalogs.

Global Expansion of Google Product Studio Themes

Looking ahead, our experienced team at StubGroup predicts the expansion of Google Product Studio themes beyond the United States. This move aligns with Google’s commitment to serving a global audience. The expectation is that themes, currently specific to the U.S., will extend internationally in 2024.

Addressing Image Quality at Scale

Google Product Studio emerges as a solution, particularly for businesses managing thousands of products or advertisers facing challenges with product images, such as watermarks and low resolution. The potential to update images at scale using AI-driven features could streamline the advertising process for large-scale businesses.

360 Imaging Revolution

The integration of 360 Imaging into Google Merchant Center Next could also be a game changer in 2024. Our team speculates on the possibility of circular imaging within search results, a potential ground-breaker for engagement. Enabling users to interact with 360-degree views directly on the search results page could revolutionize the user experience, especially in industries where viewing different angles of a product is crucial for conversion.


These predictions reflect just how important it is to stay aware of the evolving digital advertising landscape. From addressing image quality challenges at scale to envisioning the global expansion of Google Product Studio themes, StubGroup anticipates significant advancements in Google Merchant Center in 2024. As the year unfolds, these predictions may guide advertisers looking to stay ahead in online marketing.

For those seeking expert assistance in staying ahead of the advertising trends this year, our team at StubGroup can provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your specific situation. Get in touch now if you need support in navigating the changing advertising landscape.