At StubGroup, a top Premier Google partner digital advertising agency, we recently got an exclusive sneak peek into a groundbreaking Google Ads feature—Google Product Studio. In this blog post, we’ll take you through the key features and functionalities of this experimental tool that is currently in beta and available only to select advertisers.

Accessing Google Product Studio

To embark on this journey, you need to have access to Google Merchant Center Next, the new version that Google is gradually rolling out. If your account looks like the Next version, you’re good to go. The Google Product Studio is accessed through the Products tab in Google Merchant Center Next.

Features of Google Product Studio

  1. Generate Scene: The heart of Google Product Studio lies in its ability to generate unique lifestyle scenes for product images. Imagine transforming a plain, boring product image into an exciting scene that stands out. Users can select a product image, describe the product and scene, and let the AI work its magic. The options are vast, allowing for seasonal variations without the need for new photoshoots.
  2. Edit Background: Aesthetics are important in product images. With the Edit Background feature, users can remove backgrounds or enhance them to fit different contexts. This is especially useful for products with messy or distracting backgrounds.
  3. Increased Resolution: For those dealing with low-resolution product images, Google Product Studio offers a solution. Leveraging AI, the tool can enhance the resolution of images without the need for new photos. This ensures that your products meet Google’s size and resolution requirements.
  4. View History: Users can keep track of their AI-powered edits with the View History feature. This section showcases the transformations made using the tool, providing a record of the improvements made.

In conclusion, Google Product Studio opens up new possibilities for advertisers to elevate their product images and, subsequently, their click-through rates. While the tool is currently in beta, we’re excited about its potential and we encourage you to explore the endless opportunities it offers for you and your business.

As our team at StubGroup continues to experiment with and embrace cutting-edge features, we remain at the forefront of digital advertising, helping businesses dominate Google Ads and thrive in the online marketplace. If you’re interested in StubGroup’s professional insights and guidance for your specific situation, get in touch with us now.