Google Merchant Center has long been a cornerstone for running shopping ads on Google Ads, utilizing product feeds to seamlessly connect advertisers with their target audience. Enter the new era – Google Merchant Center Next.

Understanding Google Merchant Center Next

Google Merchant Center Next marks a significant redesign of the interface, aimed at enhancing user experience and providing actionable insights. As of late 2023, with a full rollout in 2024, advertisers are in for a transformative journey. Our experts at StubGroup have taken a deep dive into this redesign and have come up with an overview of the key features and nuances of this new iteration.

Key Features Overview

1. Overview Tab: The redesign focuses on making data more actionable. The Overview Tab provides insights into product performance, status, and recommendations. Organic performance gains prominence, reflecting Google’s emphasis on both paid and organic aspects.

2. Notifications: A dedicated section for notifications categorizes messages, including performance boosts and business growth suggestions. It keeps advertisers informed about Google’s recommendations for account improvement.

3. Your Business: Under this section, product information is stored, including total products in the Merchant Center, disapproved products, and those needing attention. Sales tax details are also accessible, streamlining the process of managing tax settings.

4. Automatic Improvements: Google now allows automatic updates to product prices, availability, and conditions based on website crawling. This feature aims to keep ads aligned with the latest information on the advertiser’s website.

5. Product Studio: A noteworthy addition exclusive to Google Merchant Center Next, Product Studio offers advanced functionalities. We recommend watching their dedicated video for a comprehensive understanding of this feature.

6. Shipping and Returns: Similar to the previous version, this section covers return policies and shipping information, ensuring a seamless customer experience.

7. Business Info and Marketing: This section manages business details, logos, colors, and checkout page information. It also covers organic and ad campaigns, promotions, and a performance dashboard.

8. Activity: The Activity section provides detailed insights into performance, search trends, competitive visibility, market demand, and more, offering advertisers a comprehensive view of their account health.

Additional Tools and Settings

The gear icon provides access to crucial tools and settings:

1. Data Sources: This section controls the feed schedule, where advertisers can pull product data from their websites or third-party tools.

2. Access: It details who has access to the account, ensuring a secure and controlled environment.

3. Apps and Add-ons: This area facilitates connections with Google and third-party apps, extending functionality related to product inventory and shipping.

4. Account Options: Advertisers can customize settings related to product protection, language, time zone, and advanced account setup.

5. Conversion Settings: A new addition, this section allows integration with various conversion-related tools and platforms, enhancing overall functionality.

Missing Feature

One notable absence is the ability to test shipping costs and taxes for specific products and zip codes. Advertisers may find this feature crucial for ensuring accurate information delivery and preventing potential account suspension.

In summary, Google Merchant Center Next is poised to reshape the way advertisers navigate the e-commerce landscape. While some features remain familiar, the redesign introduces powerful tools and insights to enhance performance and user experience. At StubGroup, we encourage advertisers to share their experiences, challenges, and questions, fostering a collaborative community navigating the future with Google Merchant Center Next.

If navigating this redesign becomes challenging or stressful for you, consider seeking expert assistance. Professionals with experience in Google Ads, like our team at StubGroup, can provide valuable insights and guidance tailored to your specific situation. Get in touch now and let the experts at StubGroup handle the intricacies of Google Merchant Center, allowing you to focus on what you do best – growing your business.